CMF, NZ On Air unveil projects backed by new fund

The Canada-New Zealand Digital Media Fund program was announced late last year, with both the CMF and NZ On Air contributing financing to selected projects.

The Canada Media Fund and New Zealand government funding agency NZ On Air have unveiled the projects selected to receive funding through the Canada-New Zealand Digital Media Fund.

The two bodies invested a total of $1.2 million across the three projects, with the CMF providing $618,000 and NZ On Air contributing $582,000 (all figures in Canadian dollars). In order to be eligible for funding, the interactive and/or digital media projects must have one Canadian and one New Zealand producer. The two bodies contributed equally to the fund, and jointly selected the winning projects.

The transmedia projects selected to receive funding were I Spy With My Five Eyes from Canada’s Jam 3 and New Zealand’s Fume TV, The Nations from iThentic Canada and New Zealand’s Thedownlowconcept and We Are The Remarkables, from Canada’s Story2.OH and New Zealand’s Brown Sugar Apple Hunt.

Each of the selected projects received a total of $400,000 in financing, but how much each funder provided to each project varied. I Spy With My Five Eyes received an equal amount from the two organizations – $200,000 – while The Nations received $238,000 from the CMF and $162,000 from NZ On Air. We Are The Remarkables picked up $180,000 from the CMF, with NZ On Air contributed $220,000. The contributions from the each funder were based on project’s budget, and the CMF’s contributions did not exceed 75% of the eligible costs of the Canadian share of the budget.

- Image courtesy of Shutterstock