Coming Soon: The Price We Pay

Filmoption VP distribution and sales Andrew Noble on the strategy for The Price We Pay, opening today in Toronto and Montreal.
The Price We Pay

Coming Soon, an ongoing editorial feature from Playback, highlights the distribution strategies for soon-to-be released Canadian films. Here, we speak to Filmoption International’s Andrew Noble about the distribution strategy for the documentary The Price We Pay

The film: The Price We Pay is a documentary that looks at the history of and present-day examples of big-business tax avoidance.  The documentary features interviews with experts in taxation, economics, political science, law and sociology.

Production credits:  The Price We Pay is directed by Harold Crooks, who also produced the film along with Natalie Barton. The script was written by Brigitte Alepin with Nancy Marcotte serving as assistant director. The documentary was produced by InformAction Films, in collaboration with Ici Radio-Canada.

Distributor: Filmoption International is handling the distribution of The Price We Pay in Canada and internationally. ARP Selection has the theatrical distribution rights to The Price We Pay in France.

Theatrical run:  The Price We Pay is opening in Toronto at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on March 13, as well as at The Forum and Cinema Excentris in Montreal. The film will also open in the coming weeks in Sherbrooke, QC, Ottawa and Vancouver. Filmoption International is focusing on the Quebec market for the theatrical distribution, as the film was initially financed as a French production and there is growing discussion in Quebec around issues of taxation and austerity, said Andrew Noble, Filmoption’s VP distribution and sales for feature films. The Price We Pay will have a week-long run in all of the theatres it is screening in with a possibility of holdover if the film does well, Noble said.

Marketing: The Price We Pay screened at TIFF 2014 and has had a strong social media and online presence since then, Noble said. The Price We Pay was also included in this year’s TIFF  Top 10 festival. The distributors have also taken out print ads in several newspapers to help promote the film ahead of its theatrical release and the film has earned positive reviews from numerous critics, Noble said.

Target audience: While the documentary takes a close look at the subject of tax havens, it is presented in a way that isn’t overly technical and appeals to a broad audience, Noble said. The Price We Pay is also geared towards cinephile documentary fans and those who are politically oriented, Noble said.

Additional windows: Radio-Canada was the commissioning editor on The Price We Pay, Nobel said, and the broadcaster will likely debut the documentary sometime in the early fall following its theatrical run. The film will then be released on DVD and VOD likely sometime in the summer.

What makes this film unique? Nobel said the documentary covers a subject – taxation – that impacts everyone, and presents the issues around the topic in an accessible way. “It’s done in such a way that anyone can understand it,” Nobel said. He also noted the film has a particularly strong and dramatic trailer, which makes viewers want to learn more about the subject.

Financing: The Price We Pay was financed via Telefilm Canada, the Rogers Group of Funds, the Bell Fund, Filmoption International, Super Channel and relevant tax credits. Budget information on the film was not available at press time.