Lone Eagle, JFL pact on unscripted comedy projects

The Montreal comedy festival is getting deeper into the unscripted TV space after finding success with non-verbal shows like Just For Laughs Gags (pictured).

Los Angeles and New York talent scouts each year attend the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal to spot emerging comedic talent.

Now the festival is pacting with Toronto-based Lone Eagle Entertainment to codevelop and coproduce non-scripted comedy projects.

The partnership aims to bring its first concepts to North American broadcasters in the coming months.

Lone Eagle’s comedy credits include Carlawood and Inside the Box.

The codevelopment and coproduction pact also allows Just For Laughs to extend its brand after finding success in non-verbal TV comedy series like Just For Laughs Gags.

The partnership was unveiled Monday by Michael Geddes, CEO and executive producer of Lone Eagle, and Bruce Hills, Just For Laughs COO.

- Image via Just for Laughs Gags YouTube channel