Super Channel invests $850,000 in 34 new projects

Projects selected in the latest round of financing from the Super Channel Development Fund include Jason Priestley's The Day Santa Didn't Come.
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Super Channel has invested a total $850,000 in 34 new feature films and documentaries.

The 23 features backed by the pay TV channel represent an eclectic mix, including genre pics like The Woods, from writer/director Gary Hawes and Brightlight Pictures, and The Hunted, from writer/director Kaare Andrews and South Creek Pictures.

There’s also director Jason Priestley’s The Day Santa Didn’t Come, an expanded version of a short film by Curtis Harrison, and produced by Scythia Films.

The Super Channel Development Fund also backed 11 documentaries, including Celtic Soul from writer/director Michael McNamara and Markham Street Films.

In this latest round, the fund received a record 126 submissions. A full list of the projects selected to receive funding can be found below.

Feature films 

Producers: John Barbisan, Patrick Banister – Hoodwink Entertainment, Dave Valleau, Tex Antonucci – South Creek Pictures
Screenwriters: Matt Granger, Mikey Granger
Director: Andy Mikita

Producer: Michael Shepard – Mindset Productions
Screenwriter: Chuck Russell
Director: Chuck Russell

House of Stairs
Producers: Phyllis Laing, Liz Jarvis, Isaac Clements, Scott Hyman, Michael Glassman – Buffalo Gal Pictures, Michael Solomon – Band With Pictures
Screenwriter: Doug Taylor
Director: Jacob Tierney

Producer: Julia Rosenberg – January Films
Screenwriter: Craig Martin
Director: Benjamin Weinstein

Mimi & Me
Producers: Blake Corbet – Blake Corbet Productions, Mark Huffam
Screenwriter: Marly Reed
Director: Terry Loane

Producer: Josh Epstein -Motion 58 Entertainment
Screenwriters: Josh Epstein, Kyle Rideout
Director: Kyle Rideout

Producer: Matthew Cervi – Mad Samurai Productions
Screenwriter: Mark Shea Price
Director: Simon Davidson

Only the Bad
Producer: Sean Buckley – Buck Productions
Screenwriter: Jeff Cassidy
Director: Jeff Cassidy

Producer: Kyle Mann – Drive Productions
Screenwriters: Carly Stone, Rob Connolly
Story by: Kyle Mann
Director: TBD

Producers: Bev Bliss -Moving Films, Steffen Reuter – Schmidtz Katze Filmkollektiv (Ger)
Screenwriter: Dennis Foon
Director: Oliver Schmitz

Producer: Phyllis Laing – Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Michael Caldwell
Director: Jeremy Ball

The Bequest
Producers: Jeff Kopas – Vitality Media Productions, Rob Budreau Ryan Reaney – Lumanity,
Martin Katz – Prospero Pictures
Screenwriters: Doug Taylor, Jeff Kopas
Director: Jeff Kopas

The Child Remains
Producer: David Miller – A71 Productions, Michael Melski – Cineast Screen Development
Screenwriter: Michael Melski
Director: Michael Melski

The Co Worker
Producer: Dave Valleau – South Creek Pictures
Screenwriter: William Morrissey
Director: Simon Davidson

The Day Santa Didn’t Come
Producer: Daniel Bekerman – Scythia Films
Screenwriter: Curtis Harrison
Director: Jason Priestley

The Hunted
Producers: Dave Valleau, Tex Antonucci – South Creek Pictures
Screenwriter: Kaare Andrews
Director: Kaare Andrews

The Wanting
Producer: Rob Heydon – Rob Heydon Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Donald Martin
Director: Yam Laranas

The Widow’s Club
Producers: Christine Haebler, Trish Dolman – Screen Siren Pictures Trent Carlso – Common Man Films
Screenwriters: Ita Margalit, Sue Bourque, Jason Bourque
Director: Trent Carlson

The Woods
Producer: Shawn Williamson – Brightlight Pictures
Screenwriter: Gary Hawes
Director: Gary Hawes

Three in the Back, Two in the Head
Producers: Lee Kim – Resolute Films, Ed Gass-Donnelly – Three Legged Dog Films
Screenwriters: Ed Gass-Donnelly, Jason Sherman
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

Producer: Katie Weekley – Goonworks Films
Screenwriter: Geoff Redknap
Director: Geoff Redknap

Way of the Sword
Producer: Rob Heydon – Rob Heydon Productions Inc.
Screenwriters: Chaz Thorne, Bretten Hannam
Director: Chaz Thorne

Wheat Kings
Producers: Gia Milani, Tony Whalen – Shore Road Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Jillian Acreman
Director: Jillian Acreman


Celtic Soul
Producers: Judy Holm, Aaron Hancox- Markham Street Films
Screenwriter: Michael McNamara
Director: Michael McNamara

Grass Fed
Producer: Jesse Prupas – Muse Entertainment and Perpetuum Productions
Screenwriter: Ezra Soiferman
Director: Ezra Soiferman

It’s All About the Music
Producers: Anne Pick, Bill Spahic, Norm Wilkinson – Reel to Reel Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: TBD
Director: TBD

Merde! The Movie
Producers: David Springbett, Heather MacAndrew – Asterisk Productions Ltd.
Screenwriter: Heather MacAndrew
Director: David Springbett

Producers: Caitlin Durlak, Ron Mann – Naiad Productions
Screenwriter: Ali Weinstein
Director: Ali Weinstein

Producer: Lucie Tremblay – Lowik Media 2008 Inc.
Screenwriter: Kim Nguyen
Director: Kim Nguyen

The Buried Life
Producers: Sammie Astaneh – Service Street Pictures, Ben Nemtin Dave Lingwood,
Duncan Penn, Jonnie Penn – Four Peaks Media Group
Screenwriter: Jonnie Penn
Director: TBD

The Jews Who Stole Christmas
Producers: Jason Charters, Liam Romalis, Marie-Odile Demay – Riddle Films
Screenwriter: Jason Charters
Director: Larry Weinstein

Theatre of Life
Producers: Josette Gauthier, Peter Svatek – Triplex Films, Annette Clarke – National Film Board
Screenwriter: Peter Svatek
Director: Peter Svatek

Tokyo Girls
Producer: Bob Moore – Eye Steel Films, Kyoko Miyake, Felix Matschke – Brakeless Productions (UK)
Screenwriter: Kyoko Miyake
Director: Kyoko Miyake