Projects from Elan Mastai, Morwyn Brebner pick up HGF coin

The Harold Greenberg Fund supports 27 projects in its latest round of financing and adds Richie Mehta (pictured) to its board.

The Harold Greenberg Fund has unveiled the recipients of its latest round of funding, including 26 film projects through its script development program and one project via its equity investment program.

The fund also announced the appointment of Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta to its board. Mehta’s directorial credits include the TV doc series Organic Panic and the feature films Siddharth, I Will Follow You Down and Amal.

Please see below for the list of projects that recieved support in the Harold Greenberg Fund’s latest round of financing:

Supported projects – Script Development Program

Story Optioning – First Option

Euclid 431 Pictures Inc. and Quarterlife Crisis Productions Inc.
Author: Stacey May Fowles

Festival Man
Sarrazin Productions Inc.
Author: Geoff Berner

The Way the Crow Flies
Film Forge Productions Inc.
Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald
Director: Andrew Cividino

Polish and Packaging

Don’t Talk To Irene
Alyson Richards Productions Inc
Screenwriter/Director: Pat Mills

Screenwriter/Director: Jamie M. Dagg

3 Legged Dog Films Ltd.
Screenwriters: Ed Gass-Donnelly and Colin Frizzell
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

Remedy in Paris
Screen Sirens Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter/Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid

Sleeping Dog Lie
Darius Films Inc.
Screenwriters: Paolo Mancini and Thomas Michael
Director: Mark Raso

Super Pulp!
South Creek Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter/Director: Troy Nixey

The Breadwinner
Aircraft Pictures Inc.
Screenwriters: Anita Doron and Deborah Ellis
Director: Nora Twomey

The Great Perhaps
Corey Marr Productions Inc.
Screenwriter: Joseph Kay
Director: Paul Fox

The Other Half of a Missing Person
Motel Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter/Director: Joey Klein

The Saver
Prospector Films
Screenwriter/Director: Wiebke von Carolsfeld

First to Second Draft

Better Now
Screenwriter: Elyse Friedman

Freeing Finnigan

Imperative Pictures Inc.
Screenwriter: Roslyn Muir

Ghost Man
2412658 Ontario Inc. (Recorder Films)
Screenwriters: Max and Adam Reid
Director: Craig Wallace

Hey 45
Triptych Media Inc., Larkways Inc. & Tim Southam Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Morwyn Brebner
Director: Tim Southam

Northeast Films
Screenwriters: Andrea Dorfman and Jennifer Deyell
Director: Andrea Dorfman

The Misery of Others
Festina Lente Productions Inc.
Screenwriter/Director: Jason Buxton

The Road Through Kandahar
Go Films L.P.R.S. Inc.
Screenwriter/Director: Ariel Nasr

Second to Final Draft

Resonance Films
Screenwriter: Jason Filiatrault

Far To Go
House of Films Inc.
Screenwriters: Hannah Moscovitch and Rosa Laborde
Director: Larry Weinstein

Never Steady, Never Still
Christie Street Creative
Screenwriter/Director: Kathleen Hepburn

Copperheart Entertainment
Screenwriter/Director: Vincenzo Natali

Operation Red Dog
Hungry Eyes Film & Television Inc.
Screenwriters: Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness
Director: Sudz Sutherland

Treatment to First Draft

When I Loved You
Typewriter Films Inc.
Screenwriter: Elan Mastai

Supported projects – Equity Investment Program

The Lockpicker
Okita Lapeyre Pictures Inc.
Producer: Jason Lapeyre
Director: Randall Okita