BravoFACTUAL awards $360K across 8 projects

Rhonda Buckley's Terranova Matadora: Carolyn Hayward is among eight documentary shorts to receive BravoFACTUAL funds from BravoFACT. (Pictured: Buckley)
Rhonda Buckley

Theresa Wynnyk’s The Carollers and Rhonda Buckley’s Terranova Matadora: Carolyn Hayward are among eight documentary shorts to receive BravoFACTUAL funds from BravoFACT.

The funding program for non-fiction shorts - now in its second year – has awarded a total of $360,000 to eight filmmakers to assist in the production of their work. The projects were selected by a jury that met on Dec. 11 to decide the winning projects.

In addition to Buckley (pictured above) and Wynnyk’s shorts, award recipients include Daniel Roher’s Conversations with a Dead Prime Minister, Adam Gray and Andrew Gray’s My Brother The Outlaw, Matt Zimbel and JF Graton’s The Night I Shot Marilyn, Duncan McDowall’s One Big Breath, Orlando Braun’s The Mennonite Joke and Matt Gallagher and John Doherty’s Tilting at Windmills.

In other news, Canadian investigative reporter Victor Malarek has been added as a guest juror on the BravoFACTUAL jury. The journalist has worked at publications including The Montreal Star and The Globe and Mail and currently works as a senior reporter at CTV’s W5 news program.

The next submission deadline for the BravoFACTUAL fund is April 1.

- From Realscreen