Amber Ripley, Luke Black selected for WFF feature lab

A total of six producers and their projects have been selected for the 2014 edition of the Feature Project Lab at the Whistler Film Festival.
Whistler Film Festival

Amber Ripley, Luke Black and Angela Heck are among the producers selected to participate in the 2014 edition of the Whistler Film Festival’s Feature Project Lab.

The goal of the program is to advance Canadian talent by strengthening dramatic feature projects via feedback from industry insiders, and facilitating collaboration on and investment in films that would appeal to a U.S. and international audience.

The six producers and projects that were selected to participate in this year’s program are: Amber Ripley of Goodbye Productions with the film Dreamland; Angela Heck of Fringe Filmworks with Bumpershines; Farah Merani of Lifeguard Productions with Good Night Amherst; Jason James of Resonance Films with The Mother Outlaws; Luke Black of Pretty Okay Pictures with To Be Continued and Martin de Vals of Chairo Productions with Container.

The industry experts that are set to participate in this year’s program include Peter Graham, co-founder of 120db Films, Babacar Diene, head of acquisitions at Voltage Pictures, Sonia Mehandjiyska, head of international distribution at Electric Entertainment and Nicholas Tabarrok, president/producer at Darius Films.

The project lab’s marketplace analysts and facilitators include Joker Films CEO Tim Brown, Magus Entertainment president Peter Wetherell and Liz Shorten, managing VP operations and member services CMPA – BC producers’ branch.

The project lab will run from Dec. 2 to Dec. 5. The Whistler Film Festival runs from Dec. 3 to Dec. 7.