Fred Fuchs turns to Kickstarter for TV sci-fi drama

The veteran Canadian coproduction producer will look to raise an initial $90,000 in September to help get a project about a 20th century inventor off the ground.
Image from Shutterstock

Veteran Canadian executive producer Fred Fuchs is to turn to Kickstarter to fund his latest project, Tesla Man of Light, a TV sci-fi drama about the 20th century inventor Nikola Tesla now on the drawing boards.

Fuchs, who will executive produce the project with Nelson, B.C.-based entertainment content producer Maya Media, has turned to the funding platform to raise an initial $90,000, starting in September.

The TV project will capture Tesla’s lifelong battle to develop and launch a system of free electricity, with historical figures like Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, John Jacob Astor, J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and the Rothschilds either financing or thwarting his invention of the alternating electrical current.

Proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign will be used to write the show’s bible, the pilot script and pay for legal documents to independently finance the series.

The crowdfunding campaign has stretch goals of up to $4 million, to help create interactive mobile and PC Tesla games and an episodic behind-the-scenes documentary series.

- Kickstarter image courtesy of Shutterstock