Giles Coren back on W as Pressure Cooker co-host


W Network first had controversial London Times restaurant critic and TV host Giles Coren cross the pond to host a documentary series on its schedule, Million Dollar Critic, courtesy of Temple Street Productions.

Now Coren is back on W as a host of Pressure Cooker, the culinary competition show from indie producer Bristow Global Media and series creator Jamie Oliver of Fresh One Productions.

The first season of 10 episodes, to start production on Aug. 15, sees Coren in the role of the tasting expert, alongside co-host Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

Guest chefs for the series include Graham Elliot (Masterchef), Nadia G. (Bitchin’ Kitchen) and DJ BBQ.

In each episode, guest celebrity chefs are paired with home cooks in a contest that combined cooking and game show mechanics, including a conveyor belt from which ingredients are chosen.

More talent lineup announcements will be made in the future.

Pressure Cooker will debut in October on W Network.