Telefilm invests over $2.5M across 7 French features

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Telefilm Canada has released the names of seven French-language, lower-budget films to receive funding through its Canada Feature Film Fund.

Telefilm invested a total of over $2.5 million across the seven features, all of which have a budget of under $2.5 million.

Sodom, from writer/director Charles Olivier Michaud, received $550,000 in funding. The film is produced by Go Films, and distributed by Equinoxe Films.

Neuf variations sur le vide received $500,000 in financing. The project has a number of directors on board, including Jean-Philippe Duval, Lea Pool, Erik Canuel, Chloe Robichaud, Stephane E. Roy, Claude Brie, Anais Barveau-Lavalette, Ricardo Trogi and Eric Tessier. The film is produced by Echo Media and distributed by K-Films Amerique.

Writer/director’s Richard Angers’ Desperado received an $450,000 investment from Telefilm. The project is produced by Productions des Annees Lumieres, and currently slated to be released in 2016.

Francois Peloquin’s Le bruit des arbes received $400,000 in funding. The film currently has a release date of fall 2015, with Couzin Films producing and K-Films Amerique distributing. Writer/director Robert Morin’s Le probleme d’infiltration also received $400,000 in funding. The project is produced by Coop Video de Montreal, with K-Hilms Amerique on board as distributor.

Le Cyclotron, a majority Canadian coproduction with France and Belgium, received $375,000 in funding. Le Cyclotron is directed by Olivier Asselin and produced by Camera Oscura, and currently has a winter 2016 release date. The distributor of the film is Funfilm Distribution.

Finally, Patrick Gaze’s Ceci n’est pas un polar received $40,000 from Telefilm. The film is produced by Productions Mi-Lour, with K-Films Amerique on board as producer.