Marblemedia teams with Cirque du Soleil


Toronto-based Marblemedia is teaming with Cirque du Soleil for TV development.

Bell Media’s Cirque du Soleil Media joint venture with the Quebec circus troupe has brought marblemedia on board to develop three TV projects, including a miniseries, a one-hour drama and a live-TV musical event.

The deal comes on the heels of marblemedia’s primetime expansion via its Los Angeles office, which will work with CAA to identify creative ideas and talent to develop the planned TV slate.

Matt Hornburg, co-CEO and executive producer at marblemedia, told Playback Daily in Banff that the two companies will identify possible showrunners in Los Angeles and Canada to produce TV properties that reflect the Cirque du Soleil brand, take it beyond core live event productions, while also remaining original and engaging.

Cirque du Soleil and Bell Media in August 2012 unveiled the Cirque du Soleil Media joint venture to develop content for TV, film, digital and gaming platforms based around the values of the Quebec-based entertainment company.

Bell Media’s Corrie Coe brought marblemedia and CAA together to jointly develop TV properties.

The tie-up is opportune as marblemedia and Cirque both have a reputation for not marching to the industry’s drumbeat when it comes to entertainment.

Marblemedia has a track record developing cross-platform content, especially for the kids TV market, that innovates as it builds new cross platform models.

The latest includes digitally driven, live event programming, via a new marbleLIVE division.

And Cirque du Soleil has turned the age-old circus into an avant-garde live event, with multiple productions that travel the world, each unique in design and impact and which are never just repeated on the small and big screen.