Super Channel invests $500K in 19 projects

Projects that received financing in the latest round include Andrew Currie's The Steps and the doc Digital Warriors.
guillame paumier - flickr creative commons

The Super Channel Development Fund has released the names of the projects to receive support from its second round of financing, which includes 10 feature films, seven documentaries and two television series.

The fund will distribute about $500,000 in development financing across the 19 projects.

Feature films to receive financing from the fund include The Steps, from director Andrew Currie and writer Robyn Harding, Kapyong, from writer/director Jason Lapeyre and producer Martin Katz and Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais Birthmarked, an Item 7 film produced by Marie-Claude Poulin and Pierre Even, with Hoss-Desmarais and Marc Tulin serving as writers.

On the documentary side, Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper’s Metamorphosis received financing from the fund, as well as Digital Warriors from writer/director Brishkay Ahmed and producer Elizabeth Sanchez.

The two television series that received coin in this round are Mosaic Entertainment’s Tiny Plastic Men and Emotion Picture’s Forgive Me.

A full list of the projects that received funding in the latest round of financing from the Super Channel Development Fund can be found here.

The next deadline for the development fund in May 16.