Bruce LaBruce at work on Twincest screenplay

Nicolas Comeau of 1976 Productions is to produce the indie feature about love and sex between identical twins.

Bruce LaBruce has started work on his latest film screenplay, Twincest, about forbidden love, sex and redemption between identical twins leading different lives.

The indie film will be produced by Nicolas Comeau of 1976 Productions, which also produced LaBruce’s last film, Gerontophilia.

Development coin from SODEC  has allowed LaBruce to work on the first draft of Twincest with Montreal-based screenwriter Martin Girard (Le secret de ma mère, Nitro 2).

LaBruce recently won a Teddy Special Jury Prize at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival for Pierrot Lunaire, a Canadian/German experimental film based upon a Schönberg opera staged by LaBruce in 2011.