Havas Media, Seevibes introduce new social TV measurement

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Havas Media and Seevibes have partnered to introduce a new measurement for the social media resonance of TV programs called Social Rating Point (SRP) to compare against traditional TV measurements.

The SRP is a measure of social interactions a show generates on Twitter and Facebook expressed as a percentage of the audience. Havas and Seevibes offer this methodology in a release:

SRP = (number of social interactions / TV ratings) x 100

Under the system, a rating of 10 SRP indicates that an average 10% of the TV audience responded socially on Twitter or Facebook with one message on average per participant, or 5% of the TV audience responded socially on Twitter or Facebook with two messages on average per participant.

According to the release, three out of four Canadian television viewers use a tablet, smartphone or laptop regularly while watching TV, and one out of five internet users regularly discusses TV shows on social networks as they’re airing.

In a statement, Havas Media said it wanted to understand this phenomenon better to improve its recommendations to clients, with the new indicator set to complement traditional audience metrics, according to the statement.

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