Rafael Ouellet shooting fifth feature, Gurov & Anna

The movie, shooting in Montreal through to the end of the month stars Andreas Apergis, Sophie Desmarais (pictured), Eric Bruneau and Marie Fugain.
Sophie Desmarais_Shutterstock

Quebec director Rafaël Ouellet has the cameras rolling on his fifth feature, Gurov & Anna, from Zone 3 and Filmoption International.

The film started shooting in Montreal on March 7 and production is running through to the end of the month.

Anna & Gurov, based on a script by Celeste Parr, stars Andreas Apergis, Sophie Desmarais (pictured), Éric Bruneau and Marie Fugain.

The film portrays a failed writer-turned-academic who immerses himself in a Chekhov story about an extramarital affair, and starts one of his own when his wife returns to France to meet with the renowned publisher of her first novel.

Ouellet’s earlier film credits include Finissant(e)s and Camion.

Filmoption International is releasing the film in Canada.