CTV’s Spun Out: exclusive look at sneak peek trailer

Spun Out

The CTV original comedy Spun Out bows tonight and Playback exclusively debuts the sneak peek trailer where Beckett, played by Paul Campbell, a struggling writer turned copywriter, meets Stephanie (Rebecca Dalton).

“You must be thinking, who is this jerk? I only got hired because Daddy’s the boss,” Beckett tells her in the opening scene for the two-night premiere.

Problem is, she is the boss’s daughter.

Other red flags quickly go up as DLPR, headed up by publicity honcho Dan Lyon, played by Dave Foley, is revealed as a dysfunctional agency where employees can spin everyone’s problems, except their own.

The multi-cam workplace comedy also stars Al Mukadam as an expert spin doctor,  Community‘s J.P. Manoux as puffed-up office nerd Bryce, and Gordon, played by Darcy Michael, as the guy at work who always seems like he’s about to be fired.

Spun Out, from Project 10 Productions, was created by Jeff Biederman and Brent Piaskoski, who are also writers and executive producers.

Brian K. Roberts is co-creator, director and executive producer, while Colin Brunton is producing.