Calgary gets greenlight for permanent studio

Plans call for two purpose-built sound stages to be built with the ability to subdivide the larger studio space.

After nearly a decade of planning, Calgary is finally to get a dedicated film studio.

The $22.8 million complex will be spearheaded by Calgary Economic Development, which is partnering with the ComWeb Group and William F. White International, the anchor tenant, and working with Lawson Projects and Pacifica Ventures to develop the studio.

Equipment rental supplier William F. White International will also act as the sound stage operator.

Paul Bronfman, chairman of the ComWeb Group, told Playback that the financing will allow for the building of three sound stages.

The studio’s immediate plans call for two purpose-built sound stages, 20,000 sq-ft and 30,000 sq-ft respectively, to be built, with the ability to subdivide the larger studio space.

The Alberta provincial government has made a one-time $5 million investment in the permanent studio complex.

Also planned is 18,000 sq-ft of warehouse space, with an additional 10,000 to 15,000 sq-ft for workshop, production, props, sets and wardrobes office space.

Image via Shutterstock