Avi Federgreen’s 10K film challenge pacts with Indiegogo

Avi Federgreen

Another sign a film industry long reliant on funding is moving to sourcing financing where possible: Avi Federgreen’s IndieCan10K film initiative has pacted with Indiegogo.com to get ultra-low-budget movies made.

The film challenge, unveiled last month, gives eight filmmakers key industry mentorship and services if they can make their first film a feature shot for under $10,000 by the end of 2014.

The mentoring for the eight teams will include coaching on how to raise production coin from Indiegogo.

Team campaigns will be featured on an IndieCan page on Indiegogo.com, with producers having direct access to Indieogo’s film campaign specialist John Trigonis.

Indiegogo will share best practices to allow the eight teams their best chance to fill out the $10,000 budget on the indie film crowdfunding platform.

The alliance between the 10K film challenge and Indiegogo comes as demand for traditional funding by Canadian filmmakers increasingly outstrips supply.

So filmmakers are going in search of new sources of coin, whether from private investors or overseas, to get their movies made.

“We’re looking forward to joining Avi Federgreen and Indiecan to support the next generation of Canadian filmmaking talent. On top of raising funds, crowdfunding is a great way for filmmakers to build a community of advocates and early buzz for their film,” said Ayah Norris, Canada marketing and community manager at Indiegogo in a statement.