Raven Banner options Clive Barker short story

Raven Banner

Raven Banner Entertainment has optioned Clive Barker’s short story Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament, with an eye to a horror movie adaptation.

The genre producer/distributor has joined forces with Barker’s Seraphim Films, based in Los Angeles, with the plan to get production underway this fall in Ontario.

Raven Banner is not indicating who is adapting the short story with a movie script.

Jacqueline Ess portrays the story of a beautiful woman with the ability to horrifically change people’s body shapes simply with her mind.

The deal was negotiated by Raven Banner partners Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew Hunt, with Noor Ahmed of Reder & Feig LLP negotiating for Seraphim.

Raven Banner will start shopping the movie adaptation at the European Film Market in Berlin.