Bell Media unveils drama development slate

paul haggis

Bell Media has 29 dramas in development, including projects penned by Paul Haggis, Flashpoint producers Bill Mustos and Anne Marie La Traverse and Flashpoint creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern.

Haggis has brought CTV’s Lords of Opium, a historical drama about the opium trade in China to be produced by Darius Films.

Mustos and La Traverse separately have untitled projects parked with Bell Media.

And Ellis and Morgenstern are developing Salamander, a drama based on a Belgian series about a detective who uncovers a shadow society, and to be produced by AdlibFilm.

Veteran scribe Andrew Wreggitt (Borealis) has two projects in development: Mortal Coil, about a murder investigating coroner in Alberta, and produced by Pier 21 Films, and Siege of Quebec, a drama set in 1600s New France that involved Prosperos Pictures and Chris Lavis and Maciek Szcerblowski of the animated classic Madame Tutli-Putli.

Stargate SG-1′s Robert C. Cooper is at work on Soul Hunter with Thunderbird Films, about a young woman who makes a pact with the Devil to return 100 escaped souls to Hell.

Thunderbird has also parked with Bell Media AKA, a serialized drama about a woman with the perfect life from Stargate SG-1‘s Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozi.

Elsewhere, Saving Grace‘s Nancy Miller and Annie Brunner are developing the previously-announced Sex, Lies & Handwriting with Sea to Sky Entertainment, Lionsgate and Germany’s Tandem Communications.

Bell Media is hot-housing another possible crime drama, Third Eye, a series about a wrongfully discharged cop from Whizbang Films and Anne Wheeler (The Horses of McBride).

Veteran TV scribe Suzette Couture is also developing, along with Omnifilm Entertainment, Deadline, about an investigative journalist who uses unorthodox tools, while Stargate Universe‘s Carl Binder continues to develop the previously-announced Echoes, a serialized sci-fi series from Don Carmody Productions.