Directors Guild of Canada site disrupted in attack by hackers

The guild was the target of an online hacking by a group calling itself Obey Sec, and has launched a security sweep to guard against further attacks.

The Directors Guild of Canada site was the target of an online attack Sunday.

The disruption, which revealed key personal information of DGC members, was apparently caused by the hacking organization Obey Sec.

The DGC on Monday confirmed the security breach.

“We have locked down the site and the security breach has been contained,” a DGC spokeswoman said in an email statement.

“We are currently doing a security sweep across the DGC offices in all the regions and we are confident that we will be up and accessible via the website soon,” the statement added.

The disruption to the DGC website, despite technological safeguards in place, is significant as personal information is stored on the guild’s computers to allow the payout of life, health and related insurance benefits to members, and e-commerce transactions, including the payment of dues.

News of the hacking was first revealed Sunday by Cyber War News.

DGC members took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to raise the flag on the hack attack, and to advise fellow members to take precautions to protect their personal information.

“DGC canada members – website got hacked if you used your password and email combo elsewhere CHANGE IT!,” Toronto art director Patrick Banister said on his Twitter account.

Computer screen image via Shutterstock