Sun News Network cancels Ford Nation after one episode


Ford Nation may have been a ratings winner for Sun News Network.

But it also proved too costly for the Canadian all-news, all-live TV network, prompting the cancellation of Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s talker after one episode.

The show, hosted by Rob Ford and brother Doug Ford, who is a Toronto councillor, pulled in 155,000 viewers Monday night, a record audience for the specialty.

But producing the show proved too costly, said Kory Teneycke, Sun News network’s VP, on the network’s website Tuesday.

“It’s not viable for us to put that kind of production together, and I would be surprised if it’s viable for the Fords, as well,” he said, adding that the one-hour show took four hours to shoot, and another day-and-a-half to edit.

“From a resources standpoint, it’s not really viable for us to do that,” Teneycke said.

Sun News Network, while ditching the weekly talker, invited the Fords to continue to appear on the channel.

But Sun News Network will need to compete for the attention of the Ford brothers, who this week continued a media blitz that took them across the TV dial, including to NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America programs in the U.S.