CMF invests $1.6M in Aboriginal projects

Funded projects include a second season of kids' stop-motion series Guardians Evolution (pictured) for APTN.

The Canada Media Fund has invested a total of $1.6 million in three TV productions and related websites in the second round of its Aboriginal Program.

Wild Archaeology is a 13-part doc series produced by Pale Fox Picture Inc. for APTN. The series features two young Aboriginal hosts who take viewers on a quest of Canada’s landscapes to explore the country’s archaeological record and the untold story of North America’s original peoples.

The series also includes an interactive website that delves deeper into the storylines featured in the series. Wild Archaeology received $408,567 for the series component and $37,500 for the interactive website.

And 90-minute drama Sweet Cherry Wine, produced by Nunuvut’s Kingulliit Productions for NITV, received $400,000. The drama, written by Cree writer Floyd Favel, features an aging woman telling the stories that shaped her life, uncovering 60 years of Saskatchewan Cree history. Kingulliit Productions is the company behind Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner, and is founded by the film’s director Zacharias Kunuk. On Trial, the accompanying interactive website and computer game which links historical records to the fictional film, received $200,000.

And the second season of Guardians Evolution received $400,000. The kids’ series, produced by Guardians Productions for APTN is set 41 million years in the future, and follows five survivors who must rebuild civilization on the new Earth. The accompanying website and game, which features missions that take the player through scenarios in the show’s plot, received $200,000.