EPI’s How Tech Works returns for a third world tour

Produced in-house by Discovery Channel Canada, the series, now heading into its third season, is made exclusively for the international market.
Dr. Basil Singer - How Tech Works #2

Exploration Production Inc., the in-house production arm of Discovery Channel Canada, has wrapped production on the third season of How Tech Works, a factual series designed exclusively for the international market.

Hosted by British scientist Dr. Basil Singer, the series first premiered on Discovery Science in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region in the summer of 2012. Its third 13 x 30 min season will air in the same markets in January 2014.

The deal to produce an international format of a series similar to Canadian flagship science program Daily Planet was struck in early 2012 and the two seasons that have run since have been have proven “massively” successful, according to the network.

“EPI was having so much success in Canada with Daily Planet and series’ like Alien Mysteries and Mighty Planes, I think everyone said ‘why not capitalize on the talent and expertise that EPI already had in-house?’” explains Noah Zatzman, spokesperson for EPI and Discovery Channel Canada.

The series is a unique product for EPI, created to deliver a similar experience DP but with more international appeal. Delivered in the same style as DPHTW instead hard-focuses on science and technology and less on the more Canadian “sea to space” content, says Zatzman. 


Produced in Toronto, the show takes viewers around the world to meet the inventors behind the latest technology, and the third season will include trips to Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and the U.S.

How Tech Works is executive produced by Karen McCairley for EPI and Adam Jacobs for Discovery Science.

International distribution for How Tech Works is being handled by Tony Leadman, the head of worldwide program distribution for Exploration Distribution Inc., EPI’s distribution arm.

Exploration Production Inc. is a subsidiary of Discovery Canada, a joint venture between Bell Media and Discovery Communications Inc.  EPI produces factual programs and series for Discovery and other international broadcasters.