MIPCOM13: Temple Street to produce Killjoys for Space

The interplanetary bounty hunter drama from showrunner Michelle Lovretta (pictured) is set for a 2014 debut and follows the indie producer's success with Orphan Black for Space and BBC America.
01-13-12 Lovretta

Having had success with Orphan Black, Space has ordered another original scripted sci-fi series, Killjoys, from showrunner Michelle Lovretta (creator of Lost Girl) and indie producer Temple Street Productions.

The adventure series follows a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters as they navigate through political turmoil, questionable morality and complicated relationships.

Catherine MacLeod, SVP of specialty channels at Bell Media, told Playback that Lovretta’s script for Killjoys was a captivating page-turner that soon was developed as part of the broadcaster’s writer-only development program.

“We knew that this was something that we couldn’t not do. [Lovretta] is an amazing talent,” MacLeod said.

Temple Street Productions then earned the right from Space to produce 10 one-hours to debut in 2014, in part due to the success of Orphan Black on Space and BBC America south of the border.

“I think one of the reasons that Michelle and Space wanted to work with us is we’ve had success with this type of show in Orphan Black, and also Being Erica, which had high-concept elements to it,” Temple Street executive producer and co-president Ivan Schneeberg told Playback.

Killjoys is set on the planet Qresh and a planetary unit Quad, where a highly regulated group of bounty hunters is licensed to pursue a vast range of warrants throughout the galaxy.

Killjoys must follow strict rules, and there are harsh consequences for veering from their mantra that warrants represent everything. The main character of Killjoys is Dutch, a gorgeous, complicated and deadly killjoy at the top of her game.

Her partner, John the Bastard, is a peacemaker who hates conflict, who also has a brother D’avin whose presence leads to a tricky love triangle.

Killjoys is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Bell Media.

Production executives for Bell Media are Trish Williams and Rebecca DiPasquale.

Besides Orphan Black, Temple Street’s other credits include Being Erica, The Next Step, Canada’s Next Top Model and Darcy’s Wild Life.