Entertainment One sells City comedy Seed to The CW


It’s official: The CW has picked up the City original comedy Seed, which is to start its second season production in Halifax later this month.

Entertainment One sealed the U.S. sale to the U.S. network for Seed, which is produced by Force Four Entertainment and was developed by Rogers Media for City.

“The CW sale is something we’re really happy about as it speaks to the level of work that they’re doing on the series,” Claire Freeland, director of original programming at Rogers Media, who commissioned Seed from Force Four, told Playback on Tuesday.

At the same time, Freeland insisted Rogers Media greenlit a second season of Seed before the CW sale was secured.

“It didn’t impact our decision to move ahead with the second season. I’m really proud of everyone at City who were so supportive of Joseph’s (Raso) voice,” she added.

Joseph Raso (Zombies & Cheerleaders) created Seed and executive produces the sitcom that is showrun by Mark Farrell (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Made in Canada).

The homegrown laugher features Harry, an underachieving bachelor/bartender played by Adam Korson, who reluctantly begins a relationship with three unique and separate recipient families after becoming a sperm donor.

Harry also has a budding relationship with a young woman, played by Carrie-Lynn Neales, who used the sperm bank to attempt to get pregnant.

Freeland said the second season, which will see the Seed cast returning for another 13 episodes, will get deeper into the sperm donor storyline with more character entanglements.

“We’ve talked about doing some pairings and creating some funny storylines with unlikely characters spending more time together,” she added.

Carrie Stein, executive vice president of global productions at eOne, negotiated the U.S. sale to The CW.

“The folks at CW had the same reaction to the scripts and the show that I did. They thought it was really strong,” Stein told Playback.

She said the CW sale was made slightly easier because the U.S. network is not big on comedy, and will use Seed to get deeper into the genre.

Stein, who is also selling the Dave Foley-starring comedy Spun Out from CTV stateside, underlined the scale of City’s achievement in getting one of its comedies into a competitive U.S. market.

She argued each U.S. network develops around 50 comedy scripts each year.

“That’s tough competition to get past,” Stein said.

To be sure, the CW is getting Seed for less than a full-on license fee for your typical U.S. network show.

But the Canadian comedy also wasn’t sold for a song, according to Stein.

“A lot of people in Canada feel they can sell something because it’s good and cheap. It has to be great, and cheap is the last thing that they (U.S. networks) look at,” she said.

The production team for Seed at Force Four includes supervising producer Paula J. Smith and producer/line producer Karen Wentzell.

eOne handles the worldwide media rights to Seed, and has already successfully sold the series in a number of international territories.