Jennifer Jonas wins producers award at TIFF

The Toronto producer (pictured) accepted the prize from the Canadian Media Production Association as the Toronto International Film Festival got underway.

The prize-giving at TIFF has started.

Jennifer Jonas of Toronto-based New Real Films on Thursday won the $10,000 CMPA Producer’s Award.

The producer of Gerontophilia was recognized by her peers as the Canadian Media Production Association unveiled its top producer prize winner as the Toronto International Film Festival got underway.

“While the international profile of Canadian film abroad continues to grow, it feels particularly wonderful to be recognized in my home country,” Jonas said.

Jonas’ indie film credits includes I’m Yours, Trigger, Leslie, My Name is Evil, Childstar, Sugar and The Perfect Son. She was up against four other Canadian producers shortlisted for the award.

Gerontophilia, about a young boy with a fixation on the elderly and directed by Bruce LaBruce, debuted in Venice before screening at TIFF on September 9. Referencing the film’s Venice screening, and the standing ovation it received, Jonas reflected importance of independent filmmaking to posterity.

“The slogan at Venice this year was “Future Reloaded,” which made me think that feature films really are a commercial-free and sponsorship-free way of sending messages to the future,” Jonas said.

“I look forward to seeing my fellow nominees’ films and I encourage everyone here to see all the nominated films and reflect on the independent and feisty images we are sending, with love, into the future.”

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