Aubie Greenberg leaving TMN after 30 years

The director of programming will depart the network, which now operates as part of Bell Media, at the end of September.

TMN exec Aubie Greenberg is to leave the newly combined Astral Media/Bell Media entity at the end of September.

Greenberg, who is director of programming at TMN, has been at Astral Media for 30 years.

He told Playback he is “planning a little break” as he explores new opportunities.

Having been swallowed by Bell Media, TMN is now overseen by Rick Brace, president of specialty channels and CTV production.

And TMN’s independent production is now being run by Corrie Coe, SVP of independent production.

BCE’s $3.4 billion acquisition of Astral Media led to a combined company led by a team of senior Astral and Bell Media executives.

TMN is one of eight Astral pay and specialty TV services added to the Bell Media stable of TV properties, including HBO Canada and TMN Encore.