CMF invests $3.4 million in 11 doc projects

Eye Steel Film, Rhombus Media and Real to Reel Productions are among the funding recipients in the Canada Media Fund's convergent stream point-of-view documentary program.

The Canada Media Fund has invested a total of $3.4 million in 11 projects in its English-language convergent stream POV program, dedicated to the production of point-of-view documentaries.

Toronto-based Rhombus Media received $300,000 for Music of the Underground Railroad, and $75,000 for the project’s digital media (DM) component, an interactive media website; Ballinran Productions also received $300,000 for It’s Always Sunny in Mumbai, and $75,000 for its downloadable ebook.

Montreal’s Eye Steel Film received $300,000 in support for The Last of the Blues-Devils, and $75,000 for interactive website The Midnight Special, while Quebec’s Les Productions Catbird received $233,596 for One-Legged Harry, and $44,495 for One-Legged Harry Online.

And Antica Productions received $235,063 for Clap for the Wolfman, and $75,000 for the project’s website Clap for the Wolfman: Into the Mix; while Real to Reel Productions received backing of $273,448 for Eccentrics and $37,500 for its website.

For Headwaters, B.C.’s Canada Wild Productions received $290,100 and $37,500 for the Your Weight in Gold website; while One Thousand and One Productions received $229,768 for Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John, and $37,500 for The Legendary Phra Alphai Mani, a downloadable e-book. Michael Shannon earlier this year won Super Channel’s $3,000 feature documentary award, used to attend the Hot Docs Forum to further develop the project.

Alberta’s Clearwater Documentary Inc. received $267,759 for The Plutocrats documentary, while Quebec’s Dark Lullabies received $134,000 for its Reaching for Zion doc. Smiley Guy Studios received $75,000 to produce the Reaching for Zion DM component.

Elsewhere, Why Horror? 2013 received $226,770 for Why Horror? and $37,500 for its companion interactive media site.