TVO and Q Media launch multiplatform series


Q Media Solutions, which creates multi-platform content marketing for national brands, is partnering with TVO, Ontario’s public education media organization, to launch Pull, a new online and on-air series.

The on-air component of Pull will be presented as part of Steve Paikin’s The Agenda in the Summer, while 40 web-exclusive interviews will be made available online through TVO’s website.

“Everyone – governments, big business, even educators used to push out info in a controlled manner,” said series producer Richard Quinlan in a press release, “Then came the digital age. Now everyone is producing and sharing ideas and info which is having a profound effect on society.”

The aim of Pull is to interview innovators and experts about real world examples of how technologies are applied today, as their potential for the future.

Pull will be presented by TVO’s flagship current affairs program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, which looks at how digital technology is transforming the world.

The summertime edition, The Agenda in the Summer, will form the on-air component of Pull. Anchor and senior editor Steve Paikin will host in-depth half-hour conversations with guests, such as technologist Clay Johnson and author and professor Cathy Davidson. The Agenda in the Summer airs every Friday at 8 and 11 p.m. throughout July and August. The interviews will also be available online at

In addition, 40 web-exclusive video interviews aim to engage viewers in how technology is changing the conversation in a number of areas including social interaction, the not-for-profit sector, business, government, health care, media and education.

The online exclusive interviews include author Jonah Berger on how psychology drives viral success, and StartUp Health founder Unity Stoakes on how sharing data can improve health and cure disease. These interviews will be available on Pull‘s online home,

The series creators will use social media to promote and continue the conversation online, using the hashtag #PullTVO and adding comment space online for viewers.