DGC Awards nominees unveiled


The Directors Guild of Canada has announced the nominations for this year’s DGC Awards, which are to be handed out at a Toronto gala hosted by Seán Cullen Oct. 26.

Included among the list of nominees for the competitive awards were the recipients of the group’s special awards. The recipient of the lifetime achievement award is John N. Smith, the recipient of the Don Haldane distinguished service award is Lee Gordon and the recipient of the honourary life member award is Peter O’Brian.

Top contenders in the various film categories are Still Mine and Rebelle, and in the various TV categories Flashpoint and Heartland. The categories, and the nominees, are:

Best direction – feature film

Michael Clattenburg - Moving Day
Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais – Whitewash
Michael McGowan - Still Mine
Sudz Sutherland - Home Again

Best direction – TV movie/mini-series

David Frazee – Borealis
Sudz Sutherland – The Phantoms
Anne Wheeler – The Horses of McBride
Jeff Woolnough – Jack

Best direction – TV series

Holly Dale – The Firm; Episode 118 – Chapter Eighteen
Kelly Makin – Flashpoint; Episode 501 – Broken Peace
Stefan Pleszczynski – Flashpoint; Episode 509 – We Take Care of Our Own
David Wellington – Saving Hope; Episode 101 – The Pilot  

Best feature film

Midnight’s Children
My Awkward Sexual Adventure
Still Mine

Best TV movie/mini-series

An Amish Murder
An Officer and a Murderer
Titanic – 4

Best TV series – drama

The Borgias; Episode 205 – The Choice
Continuum; Episode 11 – Endtimes
Flashpoint; Episode 512 – Keep the Peace Part 1
Saving Hope; Episode 101 – Pilot

Best TV series – family

Degrassi:  The Next Generation; Episode 1220 – Scream Part 2
Degrassi:  The Next Generation; Episode 1232 – Bitter Sweet Symphony Part 2
Heartland; Episode 601 – Running Against the Wind
Heartland; Episode 610 – The Road Ahead

Best TV series – comedy

Call Me Fitz; Episode 302 – Thirty Percent Less Pulp
Less than Kind; Episode 401 – I’m Only 19
Mr. D; Episode 204 – Overnight Trip

Allan King Award for Excellence in Documentary

Fight Like Soldiers Die Like Children
Playing a Dangerous Game
Stories We Tell
Vanishing Point

Best short film

How to Keep your Job
The Sound of Willie Nelson’s Guitar
The Sweetest Hippopotamus 

Best production design – feature film

André-Line Beauparlant - Inch’Allah
Emmanuel Frechette - Rebelle
Arvinder Grewal - Antiviral
Anastasia Masaro - Mama

Best production design – TV movie/mini-series

Tim Bider - An Amish Murder
André Chamberland - Willed to Kill
Eric Fraser - Ring of Fire - Episode 2
Louise Middleton - Borealis

Best production design – TV series

John Blackie - Hell on Wheels; Episode 209 – Blood Moon
John Blackie & Tony Ianni - Copper; Episode 10 – A Vast and Fiendish Plot
John Dondertman - Flashpoint; Episode 512 – Keep the Peace Part 1
Aidan Leroux - Bomb Girls; Episode 103 – How You Trust

Best picture editing – feature film

Michele Conroy - Mama
Roderick Deogrades - Still Mine
Matthew Hannam - Antiviral
Kimberlee McTaggart - Blackbird

Best picture editing – TV movie/mini-series

Mike Lee - Jack
Susan Maggi - World Without End
Susan Shipton - Titanic – 4
Ron Wisman Sr. - An Officer and a Murderer

Best picture editing – TV series

Christopher Donaldson - Flashpoint; Episode 501 – Broken Peace
Stephen Lawrence - Transporter; Episode 112 – Trojan Horsepower
Mike Lee - Copper; Episode 7 – The Hudson River School
David Wharnsby - Saving Hope; Episode 101 – Pilot

Best sound editing – feature film

Home Again - Mark Gingras, John Laing, Dale Lennon, James Robb & Adam Stein
Mama – Allan Fung
Resident Evil:  Retribution - Kevin Banks, Stephen Barden, Alex Bullick, Rose Gregoris, Dashen Naidoo and Jill Purdy
Silent Hill:  Revelation - David Caporale, David Evans, Krystin Hunter, Paul Germann, David McCallum, Steve Medeiros, Brent Pickett, Jill Purdy and Jane Tattersall

Best sound editing – TV movie/mini-series

Borealis – Richard Calistan, Robert Hegedus, Kevin Howard, Nathan Robitaille, Craig MacLellan
Jack – Rob Ainsley, Allan Fung, Josh Machado, Clive Turner
Titanic - 4 – Kevin Banks, Jean Bot, David Caporale, Sue Conley, Tony Currie, Krystin Hunter, David McCallum, Jane Tattersall and Rob Warchol
World Without End – Claire Dobson, Martin Gwyn Jones, Steve Medeiros, Brennan Mercer, David McCallum, Brent Pickett, Dale Sheldrake, and Jane Tattersall

Best sound editing – TV series

The Borgias – Episode 207 – The Siege of Forli – David McCallum and Jane Tattersall
Flashpoint - Episode 501 – Broken Peace – Richard Calistan, Matthew Hussey, Janice Ierulli and Mark Shnuriwsky
Heartland – Episode 610 – The Road Ahead – Kevin Banks, Richard Calistan, Robert Hegedus, Kevin Howard, and P. Jason MacNeill
Transporter – Episode 101 – The General’s Daughter – Joe Bracciale, Nelson Ferreira, Kevin Howard, Nathan Robitaille, and Tyler Whitman