Tiny Plastic Men begins season two production

The comedy show for adult action figure-lovers returns to pay TV network Super Channel in 2014.
Tiny Plastic Men Show Image

Season two of the Canadian comedy series Tiny Plastic Men has begun production in Edmonton.

Tiny Plastic Men is a half-hour sitcom sketch-comedy show, airing on pay TV network Super Channel, which brings actions figures to life.

The three main characters are man-boys who test toys for a living and work out their boredom through bizarre and absurd scenarios, both real and fictional.

The show’s producers describe the 14A-rated TPM on their website as being for adult geeks. Season one, for example featured a character losing his Clint Eastwood action figure and turning into a Ninja to get it back.

Season two includes homicidal robots, an orgasmic cup and ball game and mechanized octopus arms.

Viewers will be witness to laser eye surgery gone horribly wrong, see Super Stalin teaming up with Mighty Mao and Captain Cuba and Werewolf Cop arresting classic and not so classic monsters.

One of the show’s more popular characters, Kitten Assassin, will be featured in a video game app for IOS and Android.

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque will reprise his role as openly gay linebacker and toy spokesperson Gaston LeBoeuf while Lloyd Kaufman, director, producer, and actor will be paying tribute to his own film The Toxic Avenger.

Two of the show’s performers  recently received nominations by the Canadian Comedy Awards. Belinda Cornish, who plays the owner of the Gottfried Toy and Train Co.,was  just nominated for best female performance on a TV show, while Mark Meer was nominated for best male improviser.

Produced by Edmonton-based, multi-platform production company Mosaic Entertainment, the second season will air in 2014.

The shows co-creators, writers and stars are Edmontonians Chris Craddock, Matt Alden and Mark Meer. Mosaic’s Camille Beaudoin, Eric Rebalkin and Jesse Lipscombe are its executive producers.