No Heart Feelings gets multiplatform release

No Heart Feelings cropped

No Heart Feelings, an indie feature that had a Canadian theatrical run in 2010, is receiving a multiplatform release starting Tuesday thanks to a deal with Toronto-based Syndicado.

As part of the release, the digital aggregator and distributor is rolling it out in the U.S. – the film’s first offering south of the border – on the inDemand cable/VOD service, which is owned by Comcast and TimeWarner.

It is also being made available as an HD digital download on iTunes in certain territories, namely Canada, USA, U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. It is also being released as a limited edition DVD.

The coming-of-age film, from Toronto filmmakers Sarah Lazarovic, Geoff Morrison and Ryan J. Noth, stars Rebecca Kohler, Jonathan Goldstein, Steve Murray, Dustin Parkes, Hilary Doyle, Mitchell F. Chan, Jason Rehel, Amy Pagnotta and Ron Sexsmith. It was produced by Luke Bryant.

It’s theatrical release was handled by Kinosmith.