Canucks invited to join U.S. Academy

Oscar photo cropped

The Beverly Hills, California-based Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made public the 276 artists and executives who have been invited to join the organization, best known of course for voting on and staging the Oscar Awards, for 2013.

The list of creators and businesspeople, among whom are several Canadians, were selected because they “have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures,” the Academy said in a statement.

In the actors category is Sandra Oh, whose credits (as highlighted by the Academy) include Rabbit Hole and Sideways.

In the writers category is Sarah Polley (pictured), whose filmmaker credits include Stories We Tell and Take This Waltz, and Away from Her.

In the directors category is Kim Nguyen, whose credits include War Witch (Rebelle) and City of Shadows.

In the business “associates” category is Paul Bronfman, who is the head of William F. White.

In the documentary category is Yung Chang for China Heavyweight and Up the Yangtze.

In the composer category is Normand Roger for Hollow Land and The Banquet of the Concubine.

And in the short film category is Marc Bertrand for Hollow Land and The Banquet of the Concubine.

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