Five web series get second seasons thanks to IPF


The Independent Production Fund has revealed details of the 14 scripted web series receiving support in the organization’s latest round of investment decisions.

Of the total (which are receiving $1.6 million in equity investments split among the), nine are English-language projects and five are French-language projects, the IPF noted Thursday. As well, five of the funding allotments are to support new seasons of existing series. The other nine supported projects are to launch in the autumn or winter.

The 14 were selected from an initial list of 157 applications, and span different genres, audience demographics and distribution platforms.

The supported projects are:

  • Agent secret, from LP8 Média and created by Micho Marquis-Rose and Marleen Beaulieu
  • The Amazing Gayl Pile, from LaRue Entertainment and created by Brooks Gray and Morgan Waters and produced by Andrew Ferguson and Matt King
  • Amour amour, from Sublimation films and created by Francis Martineau and MénadKesraoui
  • Asset, from Irradiated Panda Films and created by Matthew Carvery; producers are Mike Donis, Jonathan Robbins,  Charles Barangan, Vanessa Chiara and Carrie Cutforth-Young
  • Bill & Sons, Season 2, from Ready, Set, Panic, and created by Charles Ketchabaw, Mark De Angelis and Eric Toth
  • La Brigadière, saison 2, from Productions Pixcom and created by Nadine Dufour
  • Camille raconte, from Vincent Éthier and created by Bruno Mercure
  • Dads, from blyssful Productions, BEG Inc. and Red Trike Media and created by S. Siobhan, McCarthy, Tracey Mack, Adam O. Thomas and Peter DeLuise
  • J’aime pas, from Be Happy and created by Jean-Sébastien Di Fruscia
  • Ruby Skye P.I., Season 3 from Jill Golick Enterprises and created by Janice Dawe, Jill Golick and Julie Strassman
  • Space Janitors, Season 3 from Space Mop Productions and created by DavinLengyel, Geoff Lapaire, Andy Hull and Brendan Halloran
  • Space Riders, from iThentic Canada Inc. and created by Jonas Diamond, Mark Little and Dan Beirne
  • Versus Valerie, Season 2 from Sexy Nerd Girl Inc. and created by Mike Fly, Simon Fraser and Stephanie Kaliner
  • Whatever, Linda, from Secret Location and created by Mackenzie Donaldson, James Milward, Hannah Cheesman and Julian De Zotti