Spain-Canada copro Wounds to shoot in Toronto

Wounds cropped

Canspan Film Factory, a Canadian-Spanish production company, has announced that the shoot for its genre thriller Wounds is to take place in and around Toronto starting Aug. 22.

In unveiling the news Tuesday Canspan said the project is a coproduction involving Spanish company Nadie es Perfecto, company general director and producer Kiko Martínez and executive producer and advisor Miguel González.

The film will be directed by Rafa Montesinos, a Spanish industry veteran. The cast, which has yet to be revealed, is to be mostly Canadian. It will be shot in English.

The action follows a 28-year-old ex-boxers adventures after he wakes up one with a head wound and no memory of what happened the night before. His girlfriend, who is also an investigative journalist, is missing. With the aid of her roommate and mysterious clues he sets out to find the whereabouts of his love.