Channel Zero acquires andPOP


Channel Zero announced on Tuesday that it has acquired a controlling stake in andPOP Inc., a company that owns the music and entertainment websites, targeted at youth aged 14 to 19 and, target at adults aged 18 to 34.

The purchase will see andPOP become Channel Zero Digital, the new online arm of the company that owns TV stations like CHCH and Rewind.

Headed by former andPOP CEO Robert Ostfield, Channel Zero Digital will be responsible for developing the digital properties of Channel Zero’s broadcast channels. In particular, it will look to expand Channel Zero’s digital video capabilities and allow viewers to stream full episodes of shows online.

It will also be responsible for seeking out new revenue streams in the digital space, whether through establishing new digital or mobile brands, or acquiring other properties.

The Channel Zero Digital team will also work with clients to offer a variety of ad opportunities, from standard display units and pre-roll to custom content integration and sponsorships.

Robert Ostfield, managing director, Channel Zero Digital, says that andPOP was looking to grow its sales and operations capabilities, while Channel Zero was looking to target younger audiences as well as begin to establish itself in the online video space.