Cameras roll on Italian-Canadian feature comedy Mangiacake

Nate Estabrooks' (pictured) feature film debut, a collaboration with co-writer, producer and actor Christina Cuffari, starts production in Ottawa Friday.
Nathan Estabrooks-1

Filmmaker Nate Estabrooks’ feature film debut, the Italian-Canadian comedy Mangiacake, starts production today (Friday) in Ottawa.

The “hipster comedy” focuses on Tessa and Marie, two rival second-generation Italian-Canadian sisters forced to move back home and live with their Mom and Nonna (grandmother).

The film is a collaboration between Canadian Film Centre graduate Estabrooks with co-writer, producer and actor Christina Cuffari. Mangiacake will be made under their new production company, Wet Umbrella, and is being funded entirely through private financing and sponsorship.

Cuffari, who previously starred in Estabrooks’ 2011 short film UR X GIRLFRIEND, stars with Ottawa native Melanie Scrofano (CTV’s The Listener, Being Erica), Jocelyne Zucco (Funkytown), local Harmon Walsh (Gossip Girl), and Paula MacPherson (A Nanny’s Revenge).

No release date has been announced.