Behind Shaw Media’s deal with Twitter Canada

On Wednesday, Shaw Media became the first Canadian TV broadcaster to launch a partnership with the newly minted Twitter Canada (Bell Media also announced a Twitter deal this morning), with a pact that will see the media co join the Twitter Amplify program.

Twitter Amplify, the social media company’s multi-screen partnership program, officially launched in the U.S. late last month and uses Promoted Tweets to bring things like in-Tweet video clips to viewers’ feeds. In the U.S., the program has been used in partnerships with companies such as ESPN and Ford Fusion – bringing instant replays to Tweets from college football games – and Turner Sports, the NCAA, AT&T and Coke Zero, offering real-time highlights during the tournament.

Paul Burns, VP of digital media at Shaw Media, says the conversation with Twitter Canada started as soon as Kirstine Stewart was announced as managing director of the Canadian office.

Senior VP sales Errol Da-Re at Wednesday's upfront.

“The deal has been done at warp speed, where we pulled this together over the last week or so to really structure an arrangement where Shaw and Twitter are putting their content and ad products together to present those to brands,” he says. “We can achieve so much more when we talk to brand partners about our top-tier programming and have the content side, brand and Twitter all sitting in the room to stitch together a uniquely social TV offering for TV and brands.”

He adds that the deal is a way to create a social TV offering that has value for the brand, broadcaster and viewer.

“Most broadcasters today have tried to create some kind of social TV offering in some way, shape or form,” he says. “But most of those experiences have fallen flat. So when we dive into where conversations are taking place online, it is all happening on Twitter.”

Burns says brand partnerships signed through this deal with Twitter Canada will go live this fall, with content created for the Promoted Tweets varying, depending on the programming it is around.