Canadian Social TV top 3 – week of May 5

This is a weekly analysis of the top three Canadian-made original TV programs (excluding sports and news) according to information provided to Playback by Montreal analytics company Seevibes. It is an opportunity to learn more about Canadian social TV executions. The methodology is summarized below the story.


This week we see that even during reruns fans will take to social media to discuss their favourite shows. Case in point: Degrassi’s regular season on MuchMusic is over and yet it scored the best in the period (admittedly by a hair), according to Seevibes’ analysis. The performance was aided by a Facebook request for fans to choose the episode that was the most heartbreaking over (the winner was the episode Rock this Town, in which character JT is killed).

Elsewhere, period drama The Borgias saw a spike in Facebook comments (indeed, fully 95% of the program’s social media occurs on Facebook). The gripping new episode featured the King of France demanding an annulment of his marriage due to his wife’s infidelities with a Pope. Many of the comments were praise for Jeremy Irons’ performance.

Last but not least, Top Chef Canada‘s social media managers executed a strong Twitter campaign, aided in part by having show host Lisa Ray live tweet to rise the program’s visibility, as well as having the chefs tweet frequently. The episode was a special “restaurant wars” competition that required the chefs to design, build and open a restaurant to win a prize.


  • Interaction is the number of all Facebook and Twitter activity (including retweets) about a show in English Canada during the 24 hours surrounding a program’s initial air date (since that is when most social media activity occurs).
  • Seevibes Score is a number, on a composite index scale of 1 to 100, which provides an overview of the relative value of the social audience of a TV show. It is calculated taking into consideration six variables: total impressions, market share, frequency, feedback level, action level and loyalty score.