Canadian Social TV top 3 – week of Apr. 28

This is a weekly analysis of the top three Canadian-made original TV programs (excluding sports and news) according to information provided to Playback by Montreal analytics company Seevibes. It is an opportunity to learn more about Canadian social TV executions. The methodology is summarized below the story.




The finale of the first season of Big Brother Canada on Slice proved itself to be a social media hit, notching more than 120,000 interactions in the period. It was a record for a Canadian TV show, states Seevibes (See the company’s methodology below). Fully a quarter of those interactions came from Facebook, with three-quarters coming from Twitter.

It was also a broadcast hit, drawing a total TV audience of more then 650,000, Shaw Media reported. The strong online execution was no accident, as indeed viewer voting is a component of the program’s finale.

All told, about 21,000 unique “profiles” commented, presumably each one an individual person, for an average frequency of 5.8 interactions per user, Seevibes says. Indeed the hashtag #BBCan was trending in Canada that Thursday night.

Meanwhile, back in the land of mere social media mortals, a new episode of period drama The Borgias fared well. Its Facebook page was very active, 80% of the interactions occur there, with the program online marketers encouraging people to watch videos and share their impressions.

Finally, the failure of Muse Entertainment to secure a season-three pick up of world war two period drama Bomb Girls set off a viewer firestorm last week. Many fans of the show took to social media to protest the program’s wrap up (it’ll end with a two-hour TV movie in 2014). The experience amounted to a backhanded social media dual win for Shaw Media (it took first and third in the competition, after all), when seen in the light of its Big Brother Canada execution.

  • Methodology:
    • Interaction is the number of all Facebook and Twitter activity (including retweets) about a show in English Canada during the 24 hours surrounding a program’s initial air date (since that is when most social media activity occurs).
    • Seevibes Score is a number, on a composite index scale of 1 to 100, which provides an overview of the relative value of the social audience of a TV show. It is calculated taking into consideration six variables: total impressions, market share, frequency, feedback level, action level and loyalty score.