Canadian Social TV top 3 – week of Apr. 21

This is a weekly analysis of the top three Canadian-made original TV programs (excluding sports and news) according to information provided to Playback by Montreal analytics company Seevibes.  It is an opportunity to learn more about Canadian social TV executions. The methodology is summarized below the story.

After many weeks of sitting safely at the top of the heap, Big Brother Canada lost its comfortable perch, at least in terms of total interactions. Admittedly, it was knocked out of the way by another Shaw Media property, Rookie Blue. It was blown from its peak due to the social media activity in advance of the new season of the sexy police procedural (which is primarily carried on Global but also on Showcase – hence the Showcase reference in the chart).

The promoters of Rookie Blue are putting a lot of time and effort into promoting the next season, with videos and images and comments, which starts May 23, and its Facebook page has been very active as a result, according to Seevibes.

Despite notching fewer overall social interactions, Big Brother Canada received the highest Seevibes score for a few reasons. One, BBC‘s social media audience is loyal–they repeatedly interact with the content, and that’s highly valuable. As well, and most importantly, it experienced an increase in both its Twitter and Facebook activity in the period, according to Seevibes.

Meanwhile the Juno Awards kudosfest did remarkably well, in part due to the popularity of host Michael Bublé, Carly Rae Jepsen, who netted the pop album of the year prize, and k .d. lang, who wowed audiences with her performance and presence. A whopping 98% of the Juno’s social activity was on Twitter, which is rated more highly than Facebook commenting by Seevibes since it’s more transparent. However, it suffers in the loyalty department, being a once-a-year event.


  • Interaction is the number of all Facebook and Twitter activity (including retweets) about a show in English Canada during the 24 hours surrounding a program’s initial air date (since that is when most social media activity occurs).
  • Seevibes Score is a number, on a composite index scale of 1 to 100, which provides an overview of the relative value of the social audience of a TV show. It is calculated taking into consideration six variables: total impressions, market share, frequency, feedback level, action level and loyalty score.