Indiecan takes Canadian rights to Oil Sands Karaoke

The feature-length documentary directed by Charles Wilkinson (pictured) about five Northern Alberta oil patch workers vying to win a karaoke contest had its world premiere at Hot Docs last week.

Indiecan Entertainment has acquired the Canadian distribution rights to Oil Sands Karaoke, a feature length doc directed by Charles Wilkinson (Peace Out).

Oil Sands Karaoke, produced by Tina Schliessler and Wilkinson, follows five oil patch workers in Northern Alberta’s often controversial oil sands, as they vie to win a karaoke contest. The doc, which had its world premiere at Hot Docs on Apr. 26, explores their karaoke singing motivations and the harsh work and long hours working in the oil patch.

“We’re super surprised by the reaction we’re getting to Oil Sands Karaoke. Audiences are singing along and cheering. But by the time we get to the Q and A, people are realizing there’s a lot more depth to the story than just irresistible music,” said Schliessler and Wilkinson in a statement.

The news comes after Indiecan yesterday picked up rights for another Hot Docs title, The Ghosts in Our Machine.

Oil Sands Karaoke is produced by Shore Films in association with commissioning broadcaster Knowledge Network in B.C., with financing from the Canada Media Fund and federal tax credits.

Wilkinson and Schiessler also handled cinematography, picture and sound editing for the film.

Oil Sands Karaoke screens again during Hot Docs on May 4.