Canadian social TV top 3 – week of April 14

This is a weekly analysis of the top three Canadian-made original TV programs (excluding sports and news) according to information provided to Playback by Montreal analytics company Seevibes.  It is an opportunity to learn more about Canadian social TV executions. The methodology is summarized below the story.

This week we see a top performer maintain its lead position, while a newly launched series season jumps into the fray, and a strong contender regains the top three.

We open with the top performer, Big Brother Canada.

The reality format broadcast on Slice’s repeat in the number one spot on Seevibes’ social TV scale is accountable to a continued strong performance on Twitter, which Seevibes scores more highly than Facebook interactions (since Tweets are more visible online than Facebook comments). That being said, it saw a 17% drop in its overall social activity, due to a 36% drop in Facebook-specific chatter.

Nevertheless, it still maintained an eviction-night average of approximately 20,500 interactions, a very respectable amount.

In its programming content, some highlights: guest Peter was evicted and, in an interactive twist, the audience was able to help vote back in a jury member: thus Gary was given a second chance at winning it all.

Newly appearing at the top of the leader board is The Borgias, the period piece and international coproduction that is broadcast on Bravo. Its third season has exposure on both Twitter and Facebook, but with fully 86% of the interactions taking place on Facebook, it has a social media handicap according to Seevibes. However, 90% of Twitter comments by fans were positive about the premiere episode.

Finally we have Lost Girl.

The Showcase supernatural tentpole had its third season finale in the period. In part due to the cast tweeting during the episode’s transmission, in particular lead talent Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer answering fan’s questions, its Twitter activity shot up a whopping 177%. Seevibes notes that Lost Girl has a very strong Twitter account; fully 65% of its social activity transpires there.

Fans will now have to settle for reruns until season four of Lost Girl is released later this year.


  • Interaction is the number of all Facebook and Twitter activity (including retweets) about a show in English Canada during the 24 hours surrounding a program’s initial air date (since that is when most social media activity occurs).
  • Seevibes Score is a number, on a composite index scale of 1 to 100, which provides an overview of the relative value of the social audience of a TV show. It is calculated taking into consideration six variables: total impressions, market share, frequency, feedback level, action level and loyalty score.