Brad Pelman to shop CineCoup projects in Cannes

01-26-12 Brad Pelman

Former Alliance Films exec Brad Pelman is headed to Cannes to secure pre-sales for the top-ten projects from the Vancouver-based film accelerator CineCoup.

Pelman will be making the trip as part of his duties at the Vancouver-based film accelerator as president, distribution and sales.

In all, around 90 producer/director teams are participating in CineCoup. The Vancouver-based accelerator earlier this month narrowed the projects to its top 40.

From the short-listed ten projects to be shopped in Cannes will come a winning project to receive up to $1 million in production financing and a theatrical release in 2014.

Pelman left Alliance Films after it acquired Maple Pictures, an indie distributor he co-founded in 2005.

CineCoup is led by J. Joly as CEO.