DRG sells Canadian format adaptation to Spike TV


U.K. distributor DRG has sold the Insight Productions version of the Norwegian format Never Ever Do This At Home to Spike TV in the U.S. market.

Insight initially adapted the Norwegian TV series for Discovery Channel Canada after acquiring the format rights from DRG.

But the finished Canadian show, which sees co-hosts Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa conduct madcap and volatile experiments in an old Ontario farmhouse, was always intended for foreign sale.

Spike TV will begin airing the Canadian version of Never Ever Do This At Home on May 28, after Discovery Channel Canada launches the 13-episode series on May 6.

“The combination of science, information and humour will resonate with our ever-broadening audience,” said Tom Zappala, executive vice president of programming at scheduling at Spike TV, in a statement Monday.

DRG and Insight jointly pitched the Canadian show to Zappala as the Canadian producer worked with the U.S. TV exec on the local drama Falcon Beach when he was at ABC Family.

DRG is hoping to do additional finished show and format sales of Insight’s Never Ever Do This At Home at MIPTV this week.