Canucks clean up at LA Webfest


A slew of Canadian web series have earned accolades in this year’s LA Webfest.

Among the winners earning multiple awards are Guidestones, Ruby Skye P.I., Bill and Sons Towing, Prison Dancer, Out With Dad and The Casting Room.

Also racking up awards were B.C.’s Libelle, Model Minority, Beyond Wanderlust – The New Nomads and The Verdict.

Super Duper Super Hero, The Runner, To Punch, Clutch (season two), Fit for a Feast and The Last Fall of Ashes were also among the winners.

Also included in the extensive winner list were Mock Justice, Bad Seeds, Pete Winning and the Pirates, After, 13 Witches, Please Don’t Fire Me, Bob and Andrew, Squared & Uncocked, Saskatoon’s inSAYSHable, B.C.’s The Actress Diaries, Fools for Hire and Alberta’s The Gym.

The complete and lengthy list of winners and their various category breakdowns can be found here.

The awards were handed out last Sunday during LA Webfest.