Telefilm invests $6.2M in eight features


Telefilm Canada on Monday said it is backing eight English- and French-language films with a total $6.2 million investment through the Canada Feature Film Fund.

Mike Clattenburg’s latest installment featuring Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, Trailer Park Boys III, received the most coin, with around $3.47 million in support. The film, which is being distributed by Alliance Films in Canada, began production this month.

Actors Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith are once again on board the film, along with John Dunsworth and Jonathan Torrens. Trailer Park Boys III is produced by Topsail Productions and Trailer Park Productions.

La Garde, directed by Sylvain Archambault and written by Ian Lauzon, Daniel Diaz and Ludovic Huot, received $723,000. The film, which stars Antoine L’Écuyer and Paul Doucet is produced by Cité-Amérique and will be distributed by Les Films Christal.

Meetings with a Young Poet, written and directed by Rudy Barichello and produced by Montreal’s Item 7, received a $575,000 investment, while Jason James’ That Burning Feeling, written by Nicolas Citton, received $530,000.

Young Poet stars Stephen McHattie, Maria de Medeiros and Vincent Hoss-Desmarais and tells the story of a young poet who meets the great author Samuel Beckett in a small café, starting a friendship that spans the last two decades of Beckett’s life.

That Burning Feeling stars Paulo Costanzo, Ingrid Haas, Emily Hampshire, Tyler Labine and John Cho, and is about a confirmed bachelor who experiences the “burn” of failed love and his own image.

And Baby How’d We Ever Get This Way received $350,000 in support while Rhymes for Young Ghouls received $200,000.

Bruce McDonald’s Baby is written by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos and produced by Phenomenal Films and Scythia Films. Rhymes for Young Ghouls is written and directed by Jeff Barnaby and produced by Prospector Films, with the support of the CFC Features Program. It will be distributed by Seville Pictures and eOne.

Elsewhere, Belgium-Canada copros Moroccan Gigolos and Tokyo Fiancee each received $175,000.

Ismael Saidi’s Moroccan Gigolos is produced by Frakas Productions, Boréal Films and Savage Film, while Stefan Liberski’s Tokyo Fiancee is produced by Belgium’s Versus Productions and Canada’s Forum Films 2005.