Cream brings Golden Gays to Slice

Co-exec producer Sam Dock of Cream Productions tells Playback about finding the eclectic mix of people living and working in Palm Springs.
Golden Gays Cast 2

Cream Productions is bringing the adventures and mishaps of sun-baked Canadian snowbirds in Palm Springs to the small screen.

Golden Gays, produced by Cream Productions and premiering March 22 on Slice, is a 13-episode docu-soap following the lives of an eccentric gay retirement community living in the tony California resort town.

And more than half the cast are retired Canadian living,working or running businesses in the region.

Cream stumbled on the Golden Gays goldmine as it looked to tell the stories of an eclectic mix of people now living in the desert resort.

“From the development of Palm Springs’ Movie Colonies in the 1930s, the Hollywood crowd brought a combination of celebrity, new wealth and sex to Palm Springs, along with all the gossip and stories that surrounded it. Cream knew that there had to be a show there, “says Cream Productions’ Sam Dock, co-exec producer of Golden Gays.

“What really struck me about this town as the fact that it was filled with a very interesting clash of people,” she adds.

That group, she explains, is the mix of a large gay community of both young and old individuals, sharing tennis courts, watering holes and golf courses with the straight-laced, old money, “blue rinse retirement folk.”

Cream development exec Amy Borg brought the idea to a head, and the producers relied on word of mouth to connect with individuals living in Palm Springs and find their characters, says Dock.

She says that viewers will be drawn to the series and its characters because of their larger-than-life, “Peter Pan” approach to life after 50.

“I think each episode will have a story that everyone can relate to, whether it be getting fleeced by a local contractor, starting a business, making a bad love connection or having a falling out with a friend. The stories are about aspects of everyday life that we’ve all experienced, but in this show, we get to experience them through the hilarious and outrageous Golden Gays filter,” Dock explains.

To that end, the show’s target audience is broader than the 50-plus demo it showcases. Dock says it’s a good fit for viewers who enjoy some “naughty humour” and an honest laugh.

She adds that down the road, Cream may target U.S. broadcasters with the series.

Golden Gays, exec produced by Christopher Rowley and co-exec produced by Dock, premieres on March 22 with back-to-back episodes on Slice.