Production begins on Terry’s Off digital pilot


Production is underway in Los Angeles on Terry’s Off, an original travel series from Toronto-based Farmhouse Productions Inc. and Blue Ant Media’s Travel + Escape.

Terry’s Off features Nova Scotia native Terry Himmelman – a welder, collector of antiques and caregiver to his elderly mother – as the show’s host. The series sees Himmelman, who has never traveled outside of Lunenburg County, venture to the best global travel destinations.

“Like a fish out of water, Terry flounders his way through the most iconic tourist locations on the planet. We expect viewers will delight in his refreshing, if slightly abrasive, commentary on the world as he see it,” said Farmhouse Productions exec producer Kent Sobey in a statement.

“Traveling means something different to everyone. And for Terry it’s his maiden voyage. We get to see someone experience the world for the very first time…wide-eyed and a little off!” said Blue Ant Media SVP original content Marcia Martin in her own statement.

Filming of the digital pilot, which began Feb. 19, will take place in and around Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu and Venice Beach.

Viewers will also be able to keep track of Terry’s travels via various social media platforms, including Instagram.

Terry’s Off is produced by Kent Sobey, Andrew Buckles and Howard Ng of Farmhouse Productions. The digital pilot is being developed with the participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

Terry’s Off is slated to air on Travel + Escape and in late spring.